Why Using Search Engine Optimization Is A Good Way To Get More Leads/Sales

Why Using Search Engine Optimization Is A Good Way To Get More Leads/Sales

By now, everyone on the Internet has heard of the benefits of Google Adwords and search engine optimization, but may not fully understand how these terms apply to them and their business. There are huge rewards to be gained from properly using both to gain visibility, leads and sales from interested customers that are searching for your product.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

To illustrate via example, if a New Yorker has a plumbing problem and would like to contact a good, local plumber, he is likely to type the following words into Google, “New York Plumbing”. Google will then search its massive index of web pages and display a huge number of websites that have content relevant to these keywords. If your website is determined by Google to be the most relevant one available, it will be presented first, and thus be the most likely one clicked on by that customer.

SEO, as it is often abbreviated, is the process of making your website fit within the automated search parameters that the engine uses in order to convince it that your website is indeed the most relevant one available. Unlike Adwords, which is an advertising service that you pay Google for directly, SEO affects your natural, unpaid, “organic” placement with Google, as well as every other search engine.

What Makes Your Website Relevant

The algorithms by which search engines display content are constantly being updated and changed. They are largely adjusted in order to prevent irrelevant data from being fed into the equation. Thus, our New Yorker with a broken toilet will not be fed a website that features the words, “New York Plumbing” 200 times and offers nothing else in terms of content or semantic importance.

What does make your website relevant is the level of indexing that your page shares with other relevant pages. A search engine, for instance, will notice if your, “New York Plumbing” page is linked to by 200 other websites that have traffic and will use this information to determine that it is probably a relevant page worth displaying.

Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization

For any business that can benefit from attracting customers who are searching for their services or products online (and that is most of them), maintaining a website that is optimized for search engine use is an extremely useful way to get leads and customers. It is a natural and convenient way to deliver information about your product or service to people who are actually searching for it.